What our clients are saying:


 “You nailed the logo. People are stunned at first, then they whisper “it’s beautiful” or “it’s perfect” or “I love the artwork” or “I love the font”. My favorite is when someone says how fitting to the concept and style it is. Thank you a million times, thank you!”

Justin B. ~ Piecemeal Pies

“Melanie presented me with her concepts and it was clear that she was able to connect with a vision that I had not even developed yet. Working with Melanie was easy and pleasant. I received the greatest results and a solid value.”

Win H. ~ WGH Builders

 “Melanie has created the graphics for my business car, which gets great reviews and really helps my business stand out. She also created a professional business brochure for the Town of Enfield which was very well received. She is creative, easy to work with, and produces a very professional product.”

Kim Q. ~ Energy Emporium

“Melanie has fresh ideas and can integrate them into your vision with ease. She is a breeze to work with and highly creative.”

Dr. Matthew Stralka ~ Gateway Chiropractic of Hanover


“Thank you so much Melanie…I appreciate your timeliness and creativity.”

Richard N~ Peachtree Builders


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